Five Things You Need to do to be a Successful Pilates Instructor

published on 01 April 2023

Written by Tricia Whitlock

Pilates is more than a profession. It truly is a career built on heart and soul. Pilates teachers are, by nature, big hearted people who have a deep desire to share knowledge, build meaningful relationships, and uplift the world.

However, for many it is still a means to an end - survival (income). So to be successful, you also need to view your passion, as a business.

Like all businesses, you need to continuously invest time and money to improve your product, and when you’re an instructor, your product is yourself. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Stay up to date on the latest Pilates techniques and research. Exercise is a science, which means that you need to be open to adapting your skills. As researchers spend more time studying the field, you need to keep up with their findings and potentially change the way you do things. You can do this through self-guided study but if you need help and accountability, consider taking additional certifications or training programs to expand your expertise.
  2. Build a strong personal brand by defining your unique teaching style and specialty areas. This could include developing a niche market, such as working with athletes, pre-natal, or seniors.
  3. Foster relationships with your clients, provide excellent customer service and build a sense of community within your classes. This includes getting to know your clients and their goals to offer personalized modifications and progressions, and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.
  4. Utilize social media and other online platforms to promote your classes and services. This includes creating a professional website, posting on social media, and utilizing email marketing to reach potential clients. 
  5. Seek out opportunities to teach at different studios or locations to broaden your reach, expand your network, and gain exposure to new clients. This could include offering private sessions, hosting workshops/retreats, or teaching at fitness facilities or other venues. 

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