Instructors Who Nailed Their PlankeApp Profile

published on 21 July 2023

As a Pilates instructor, your success depends on many things - your teaching skills, certifications, location, schedule, relationships and more. But those things only matter after someone hires you. And to get hired, you need to market yourself - and marketing yourself means defining your Pilates brand. The best way to do that is with a really good PlankeApp profile. 

My co-founders and I talk about your PlankeApp profile as a digital ‘resume’. It certainly is - and much more. When you apply for  a job opportunity we don’t require you to send a resume to the studio because all of that information is in your profile already. Studios can simply look at your profile to find important credentials like: years of experience, where you’ve taught, certifications, and how you teach. A good PlankeApp profile will show off how you teach. Studios have told us that they love profiles that contain a short video of you teaching. But don’t worry, they don’t care about production value or aesthetics, they just want a sense for your personality and teaching style. A quick clip of you cueing or moving is enough! When you fully complete your PlankeApp profile you might just notice a few more opportunities come your way. Let’s take a look at some really good PlankeApp profiles that you can draw inspiration from.

A Complete Profile Can Replace a Resume

I may be more than a little biased in this pick for a great PlankeApp profile, but Hannah’s profile stands out for a number of reasons. The biggest one? All the optional fields are fully complete. She has added past work experience, types of classes she teaches, social links, and a video. Even the photos demonstrate her personality and style of teaching. The ‘Bio’ is a mandatory field where it’s easy to be lazy with a short text block, but Hannah added personal details that give studios an idea of her personality and what makes her unique compared to other instructors. The bio is a great place to put the soft skills that make your clients love you. A studio can immediately look at her profile and know almost everything they need before engaging her further.

Hannah's Profile
Hannah's Profile
Other Great Profiles
Other Great Profiles

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

These profiles act as a wonderful resume. And, even if you’re not looking for a new job now, if the time comes, it will be a faster and easier process when you already have a detailed PlankeApp profile. Studios save time when you have a robust profile and that makes a great first impression! Their time is valuable - so why not go out of your way for a one-time update to your profile that makes a world of difference for you both. Your career matters and if you bring it in your PlankeApp profile, just as you do in the studio, then doors may open that you didn’t expect!

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