How to Save Time Vetting Instructors + Interview with Confidence

published on 22 February 2023

When hiring Pilates instructors, there’s so much to consider. Experience, education, qualifications, personality…the list is never ending. It’s nearly impossible to get an accurate overview of an instructor just from their resume and definitely not from social media.

Using PlankeApp to vet instructors is easier because their profile includes the most important information. Details that you need to know before starting the hiring process. On PlankeApp, you get instant access to instructors demo videos, reviews, certifications and experience. Maybe you've already seen seen some of the great instructor profiles

For those instructors that intrigue you, take it a step further by messaging them in the app. Their response time, writing and personality will help decipher if it’s worth it to schedule an interview.

Let’s say you’ve done all of that and they seem like a good fit for your studio — what do you do next to ensure they’re a perfect fit?

Here are some suggestions for an effective interview:

  1. If they don’t have reviews on PlankeApp, ask for studio references and make sure you actually contact their previous employers.
  2. Do you enjoy training clients early in the morning? (Or whatever time of day you’re hiring for)
  3. What population(s) do you resonate with most when teaching?
  4. What population(s) do you struggle with most when teaching?
  5. Describe your ideal client — what are they like? (Does this line up with the clientele at your studio?)
  6. Observe them teaching a real-time class or private. If you are remote, they can setup a zoom for you to join remotely.
  7. If other admin tasks are required, evaluate their technical software skills, customer service, etc… anything specific to the job that impacts the client experience beyond teaching.
  8. Ask technical questions regarding the safety and use of Pilates apparatus and more specifically, about the apparatus and equipment that you use in your studio.
  9. Ask how they approach working with injured, perinatal or clients with particular needs and considerations. Ask them about how they would approach it in both a group and private setting.
  10. Invite them to take a class at your studio. Make sure they enjoy your studio’s vibe, energy and class styles and notice how they treat the instructor working and other clients in the studio. Your studio is a community and you need to make sure they are a good fit all around.
  11. Ask how they approach continuing education and learning. Ask how they feel about their current beliefs and bias’ being challenged or ask questions that test if they are open-minded to out-of-the-box thinking.
  12. Don't immediately discount them if they don't have a lot of experience. There are many new instructors from adjacent industries that turn out to be wonderful!

If your instructor turns out to be a great fit, make sure they accept your job opportunity via PlankeApp so that you can leave a review for them after the fact. The review system is designed to provide studios with valuable information to assist with the vetting process, and by utilizing it consistently, we can elevate the industry and support each other.

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