What to Ask Before You Travel to Teach Pilates

published on 07 June 2023

Written By Tricia Whitlock

So you’re interested in teaching Pilates + traveling. That’s awesome, it takes courage to step out of your comfort zone, especially if you're a new traveler. 

We are here to help you do some preliminary planning so your first gig goes smoothly.

As you research Pilates teach-and-travel destinations, you’ll want to discuss expectations with your host ahead of time. Clear communication will help you ensure it’s the right fit for both of you. And remember, traveling to a boutique Pilates studio is very different from teaching at a resort. So please, be kind to your small studio host. There’s no single “right way” to do this, so stay flexible and open to discussion while ironing out the details.

Here are some of our favorite questions to ask a Pilates studio owner/travel host after you’ve gone past basic introductions.

  1. Is the number of teaching hours guaranteed? Again, there’s no wrong here. But knowing this will help you evaluate the cost of your trip.
  2. Is there transportation to and from the job or around town? This is especially important now that rental cars are at a premium. Consider public transportation, even if you are not used to traveling this way. It’s an adventure, remember?
  3. Can I get a contract? Legal considerations aside, a contract is an indication that the host respects you professionally and wants to protect your mutual interests.

Once you have a better picture of the why-what-where of teaching Pilates on location, it’s time to dig a little deeper.  Here are less obvious questions we wish we would have thought to ask on our first time around.  

  1. Are there administrative duties? Some studio owners will expect admin tasks like cleaning, taking payment, and opening/closing up to be part of the job. Talk it out ahead of time and decide on an appropriate compensation for that type of work.
  2. Who, if anyone, is present during your teaching hours? This is a smart question because it helps you determine the general atmosphere—is it very private or more of a buzzing hive? Laid back or fast paced? You may already know that you thrive better in one environment over the other.

Once all the planning is out of the way, take a deep breath and enjoy the amazing experience! Taking your Pilates teaching out into the world creates growth and opportunities.  Learn and explore everything you can in your brief time at your destination. 

Carpe diem.

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