Planke is the free Pilates App for Professionals

Pilates instructor networking - reach out to others on the app.

Find jobs in your hometown or across the world. Apply in seconds and get hired fast.

Want to be a traveling Pilates instructor? Get paid to teach while you travel, pick-up extra classes when you have the time and find your perfect studio match. 

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    Unlock New Opportunities

    The right job for you is out there. Whether you teach full time, part time, or are looking for a career change.

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    Line Up Your Next Gig

    Studios are always looking for talented instructors. Don't be shy - DM a studio you want to work for now or in the future. Favorite a studio and get notified when they are hiring.

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    All of Your Talent, Promoted in One Place

    You don't have to constantly update a paper resume, website, instagram and youtube channel. Add your demo videos, bio, certifications and experience in one place. Once you do, your profile is automatically promoted to studios looking to hire. 

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