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PlankeApp was created by Pilates pros, for Pilates pros.

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How PlankeApp Works

  • Studios post jobs

    Post your permanent, seasonal or temporary jobs in just a few clicks.

  • Instructors apply for jobs

    Your job is automatically shared with our network of local and traveling instructors looking for new Pilates jobs.

  • Easily Screen Applicants

    The Instructor’s resume includes credentials that matter - peer-reviews, demo videos, certifications and more.

Get Started Today

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    Download App

    PlankeApp is available for iPhone and Android. Download the app from the app or play store. 

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    Select Studio or Instructor

    • As a studio you can: post jobs, browse instructor resumes, message and hire instructors. 
    • As an instructor you can: create a digital resume, browse and apply for jobs and message with studios. 
    • If you teach and manage a studio, you can have a profile for both - but will need to use different email addresses for each account. 
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    Enter Your Email

    Your email is what will be used to sign-in to your account. A secure sign-in link will be sent to the email address that you enter here. 

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    Check Your Email

    Using your same mobile device, check your email and click the link from Please note - this link will expire so if you wait to do this step, you will need to go back to step #3 to get a new sign-in link.

Why PlankeApp?

Its a professional network and job board designed specifically for Pilates studios and instructors.

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  • Resumes that highlight talent

    Instructor profiles show so much more than a paper resume. Demo videos, photos, reviews and bios come together in one place.

  • Complete talent management

    More than just hiring. A faster and more organized way to manage subbing needs with your current staff.

  • Network with Pilates Pros

    Browse and message with instructors now to make hiring easy later. 

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