Why we created PlankeApp

We have one goal at PlankeApp: help the Pilates industry grow and succeed. We simplify staffing for studios and help instructors find incredible jobs. 

We believe that PlankeApp can massively improve the hiring lifecycle for boutique fitness the way Airbnb improved the travel industry. By using tech to simplify the hiring process, studios can run more classes, which leads to more people doing Pilates and getting healthier. 

In a world that is turning more sedentary by the day, we need Pilates more than ever. But to do that, Pilates professionals need custom tools to grow their business. That's why we created PlankeApp. 

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    Patrick McMullen
    Cofounder and CEO

    Patrick is a software developer and fitness enthusiast. As Hannah’s husband, he saw first hand that there was a gap in the fitness industry and that technology could solve a major pain point for studios and instructors alike. Patrick works as a software architect and leads the technological development of PlankeApp. 

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    Hannah McMullen
    Cofounder and CMO

    Before teaching Pilates, Hannah worked in marketing. She first fell in love with Pilates as a client, and turned her passion into a new career in 2015. Building her own Pilates career is what first inspired PlankeApp - she saw the need for a better way to hire instructors. Today, Hannah owns a Pilates studio and still teaches every day.

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