How PlankeApp Does More Than Find Instructors to Hire

published on 05 May 2023

We talk a lot about using PlankeApp to find Pilates instructors to hire. 

But in reality, PlankeApp is designed to help streamline, organize and improve efficiencies for the entire hiring lifecycle.

That means, using PlankeApp to...

1. Post your jobs

2. Vet candidates.

3. Organize applicants.

4. Schedule demos. 

...PlankeApp does so much more than find instructors to hire. 

You want ALL applicants, regardless of how you connected with them to apply on PlankeApp. By asking all of your candidates to apply through PlankeApp, you'll make it easier to find, keep track of, and hire great Pilates instructors. Forget trying to manage multiple applicants on multiple platforms - PlankeApp is all you need. Avoiding simple mistakes will make your life a lot better!

So when you announce that you're hiring - on any platform - the call to action is: "Apply on PlankeApp.

Take it from me, a current Pilates studio owner who runs 40+ classes a week, manages a staff of 10 and is in the middle of a studio buildout to expand our studio to 2x the square footage and 2x the instructors. 

We’re hiring for that expansion and I accidentally included that little detail in an Instagram post about the expansion. BUT I had no clear call to action for applicants…because I wasn’t thinking of that post in that way. 

So then…I got DM’s, website form submissions and emails from instructors who want to work for me. That’s great! 

But also not so great, these DM’s, emails and form submissions were pretty much blind. Some included a nice intro, and some didn’t. It was going to take me so much work (and back and forth emails) to gather the credentials I needed just to figure out who I wanted to have an initial conversation with, let alone schedule a demo. 

I honestly didn’t expect such a quick response to our expansion announcement. If I was prepared, I would have included the CTA to “apply on PlankeApp”.

So once I saw the flurries of responses, I quickly pivoted. I posted on our Instagram that all applicants needed to apply on PlankeApp.

And so they did.

And then I saw first hand how organized, and optimized, it was to streamline ALL applicants through PlankeApp. I didn’t even need to search for instructors, because they came to me, with the exact information I needed to vet them. Candidates had thorough profiles, demo videos and all, so I could quickly see right away who I wanted to move forward with, and who I didn’t.

No back and forth emails, no asking for more information. I just opened an app, reviewed credentials and now I’m on my way to finalizing demos and hiring our team for the expansion! 

Using PlankeApp turned a stressful and honestly, organizational nightmare, into an easy and organized way for me to staff up.

If only there was an app to simplify construction buildouts too…

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